Top Rich Motorcycles k ltd specializes in high quality motorcycles, spare parts, motorcycle lubricants and accessories. We have been dedicated for the past 3 years to supplying motorcyclists with distinctive designs and premium quality products.

Our motorcycles are available in a wide variety of engine sizes from the standard 100cc to 500cc. being sold by our dedicated appointed agents running across major towns in Kenya.

Top Rich Motorcycles has experienced significant growth in recent years thanks to our competent team that is focus in one major goal customer satisfaction.

We have a state of the art quality control system, which allows us to create more valuable products, also giving us a competitive advantage as we endeavor in giving out the best products. As part of our efforts to achieve the highest quality, we also work continually to integrate new technologies in accordance with Japanese standards. No effort has been spared in supplying innovative products. This is how we are able to maintain a considerably big niche in the market.

Thanks to you our customers and your continued support in terms of critic and endless resourceful knowledge in product performance and improvement we have been able to meet our customer varied expectations and need.

We welcome new and existing customer to walk with us in this journey as we improve our lives by getting a bargain in every product we offer. For lubricants our new baby we believe engine si engine bila top rich oil. Top rich is the home of premium quality products

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